English Tuition Bexleyheath

Horizon Tuition specialises in English tuition in Bexleyheath, suitable for all children between the ages of 6 – 16.
We will work together to help your child discover their full potential in a fun and positive learning environment.

English Tuition Bexleyheath
English Tuition Bexleyheath
English Tuition Bexleyheath

Happy, Contented and Confident

That’s what we see when we look at the children enrolled in our English tuition program.

Whatever type of tutelage your child is looking for; a general push in the right direction, exam prep or support with a particular area, our professional team of motivated teachers are here to assist.  Passionate about what we do, your child’s success really matters to us, which is why we go all out to provide them with skills that will enable them to achieve and succeed whilst remaining happy, contented and confident.

The First Steps

Once your child has undergone our informal assessment process and we have gotten to know all of you, we can begin to discuss the future of your child and how their English tuition would take place at our centre.  It’s essential that we have an in-depth and detailed discussion so that we can know what level of reading and comprehension ability that we are working to and are fully in tune with your expectations and aspirations for your child.

English tuition will take place by making use of a range of learning resources; computers, workbooks, worksheets and audio.  We make a deliberate effort to keep the session’s varied and interesting thus stimulating interaction and engagement.  The pace will depend on your child and what suits them; we don’t force or push as experience has taught us that self-confidence needs to be instilled and built at the same time as the English tuition is taking place, whether they are reading, writing or listening to their teacher and interacting.

Course Content

Techniques and course content will vary according to your child’s curriculum which will cover all areas of the English language including:

  • Comprehension
  • Creative writing
  • Early Reading
  • Grammar
  • Handwriting
  • Phonics
  • Punctuation
  • Sentence development
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary

A good knowledge and strong understanding of the English syllabus will put your child into a strong position when they come to moving forward, not only academically but throughout their life.  Those with a good command of English are well able to present themselves, clearly communicating their thoughts and ideas whilst aiding their general development as a person.  Once they come to grips with the essential skills of English and begin to enjoy their study whilst in the company of our skilled teachers, any difficulties that they may have experienced in the past will soon be forgotten as they move forward positively.

English Tuition Bexleyheath

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