11+ Exams & GCSE Tuition in Bexleyheath

Horizon Tuition specialises in preparing your child for their 11+ Entrance exams and GCSEs.
We will work together to help your child discover their full potential in a fun and positive learning environment.

11+ Exams and GCSE Bexleyheath
11 Plus Exams GCSE

Prepare your child for the best

Exams are a part of life.  Whilst we cannot avoid them, students do perform much better when they get used to the examination process and receive continual assessment to ensure that progress is going well.  Whatever occupation they choose in the future, it is essential that they gain adequate grades at GCSE in order to prepare them to succeed. Our 11+ and GCSE tuition ensures that students have a thorough grasp of their selected topics, enabling them to hit high grades based upon a good level of understanding and comprehension.  All students are different and because we take plenty of time to assess them before tuition commences, we can see which areas they need the most support with, putting together a study plan that will benefit them in the right way.

Whether your child is preparing for SATs, 11+ or GCSEs, we offer in-depth support and preparation, suitable for all schools and all subjects.

The two main areas of study for GCSE are maths and English and these are broken down as follows:

Maths GCSE

Each student will be required to show how to apply their maths skills to real life scenarios, working with problems in word form and presented as direct calculations.  With the new GCSE curriculum firmly in mind, our specialist teachers will instil into the student a strong depth of knowledge, working to grade boundaries so that we can assess progress accurately.

Resources will vary, using past GCSE papers as we work through detailed and uniquely structured study programmes, tailored to suit each student.  Visual and logical skills will be utilised as we take them through the key areas of the new GCSE framework.  Progress will be monitored by the use of in-house assessments, allowing to pinpoint any areas that require further work.  Exam techniques will be strengthened so that they are able to remain calm and focused, enabling full concentration.

English GCSE

Comprehension will be assessed and worked upon, ensuring that the student gets used to analysing a variety of language styles and authors.  Focusing on both Language and Literature GCSE papers, we will take the time to ensure that students are confident when it comes to reading and writing using a variety of resources which we will carefully match with revision guides.  Grammar, spelling and sentence structure will be developed to the highest level whilst ensuring that they develop robust and independent revision skills.

Once they are shown how to identify their own weak areas, we can work on these at length during tuition sessions.  Carefully honed strategies will enable them to master new concepts that are fully understood and incorporated into revision time outside of class. Preparation for exams will be key, showing them how to make use of successful processes whilst enforcing knowledge and skills.

11+ Exams

We provide full 11+ tuition and through the teaching of skills and techniques, along with practice assessments and mock tests we support and prepare your child to manage the demanding requirements of the secondary selection tests.  We will also equip them with skills that will enable them to manage the demands of grammar school. Parents are kept in the picture at all times and whilst we cannot look into the future and predict success, we are proud of our results, knowing that we do all possible to ensure that students move forward to be well rounded achievers.

Whilst it is impossible to foresee how far your child will go in life, by preparing them well in advance for the 11+ or GCSE exams, you are doing all that any parent can do to galvanise their prospects.

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