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It all begins with a FREE ASSESSMENT at our Bexleyheath tuition centre, which enables us to get to know you and your child, long before the learning process begins.  Even before your child enters our classroom, we will take them through an in-depth assessment which will enable us to establish their current level of achievement; we will see where they are strong and where they need support.
This information is then used to set learning goals and a plan of tuition sessions, should you decide to proceed.
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Meet and greet

Forming a good relationship with your child is essential, which is why our teachers take the time to meet and greet them individually from day one, nurturing engagement and an air of positive learning which continues as they work together.  We need them to be motivated, encouraged and keen to learn which is why we put in so much effort from the beginning; we can then begin our tuition process.

Environment is key

When educating children, we know that the environment is as important as the lessons.  This is why our teaching centres have been carefully modelled and designed to produce calm, stimulating study areas, imbibing the children with positive energy.  Each child has their own computer, working at their own pace through an individual learning plan, tailored to suit them.  Our teachers plan each task methodically to ensure that whilst teaching is taking place, concepts are being reinforced and strengthened.  Our goal is for every student to enter the classroom feeling confident, independent and eager to learn even more.

Small groups 1:5

Working to the National Curriculum, sessions are all of a uniform length, structured and split between computer based and written activities, each one following a path of teach – reinforce – secure understanding of concepts.   Working in small groups of about 4 students, one-on-one teaching time is guaranteed.  We make use of all of the latest sophisticated IT equipment and technology and provide access to all resources as required.  Each lesson is conducted in a calm and focused way, encouraging motivation and participation and ensuring positivity throughout; praise is given to reward and acknowledge as students achieve.

Parent involvement

Notes are kept in Progress Charts so that parents can receive feedback on a regular basis.  We also organise meetings with parents to discuss progress, track achievements and define new goals.  Our ethos is one of communicating constantly, ensuring that liaison between parent, teacher and child is strong.

It can be a difficult thing making the right choice for your child, which is why we make the whole process easy.  By applying for our free assessment, which is no-obligation, you can get to meet us and check out the place where your child will be empowered to reach their full potential.

Get in touch today; we look forward to talking with you.

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This will establish their current level of achievement and enable us to understand which areas of their tuition need focus.

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