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Horizon Tuition Centres provide professional, individual tuition in English and Maths for students aged 6 (year one) to GCSE (year 11). With a fully equipped centre situated in Bexleyheath, up to date resources and fully qualified teachers, the extra tuition provided for your child is of the highest quality.

About The Owner

The Horizon Tuition Centre is owned and run by Vicki Seamons.

I graduated from Goldsmith’s University of London with a BA Ed (Hons) with QTS in 2000 and went on to teach in primary schools in Bromley, Bexley and Greenwich Boroughs.  I spent seven years in a specialised Language Impairment Provision within a mainstream primary school teaching children with specific language impairments.  This also involved working with a team of outside agencies such as Speech and Language Therapists, Educational Psychologists, Occupational Therapists and being involved in the processes of acquiring additional support for students with Special Educational Needs.

This experience gave me an amazing insight into how children learn (and don’t!) and how we need to help them to see things differently if they do not understand.  It was this that led me into the private tuition industry where I could channel my passion for teaching children as individuals rather than a whole class of faces being taught as one entity.

I worked at the Bexleyheath Centre as a tutor for several years before I took over and, due to increasing demand for tutors in the area, I opened my second Centre in Belvedere in 2013.  When I’m not tutoring and running the businesses, I’m also mummy to three young children who attend a local school, so I am also very aware of the struggles children can face when in the classroom environment. The Belvedere centre has since closed in September 2017, and all students have been transferred to our main tuition centre in Bexleyheath.

Vicky Seamons

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