Maths and English tuition suitable for ages 6 - 16

Professional Tuition in Bexleyheath

At Horizon Tuition centres in Bexleyheath, we have one mission and that is to enable each child to do well academically and reach their full potential.  By doing this when they are young, they are able to achieve the best results possible when they get older.
But it’s not only about academic results; this has to be balanced with developing a powerful group of young people who will be confident and dauntless, taking not only exams in their stride, but all that life has to offer after school and beyond.  In order to do this, we provide professional individual tuition to children from ages 6 to 16, covering the following areas below:

We Bring Out The Best In Your Child

Maths Tuition Bexleyheath

Maths Tuition

Whether your child is a natural when it comes to maths or maybe needs a little extra support, we will work with them closely, ensuring their complete understanding and enabling them to do as well as they can in this subject.  Once their confidence grows, their maths ability will increase and they will begin to enjoy all aspects of the topic.

English Tuition Bexleyheath

English Tuition

Just as with our math’s tuition, we treat every child as an individual and will tailor the content of the English course to suit them.  We don’t believe in packaging education into neat, repetitive lessons which is why we work closely with your child, getting to know them so that they feel relaxed and positive about all areas of English.

11+ Exams and GCSE Bexleyheath

11+ Exams & GCSE Tuition

If your child is headed towards the 11+ Exam then they will need to be proficient in maths, English and non-verbal reasoning and be nonplussed when it comes to sitting exams so that their accuracy and speed is not affected negatively.  As well as schooling them in effective preparation for exams, we will instil in them a high degree of confidence and self-assurance as well as strong verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills.

SEN & Dyslexia Specialist Tuition Bexleyheath

SEN & Dyslexia Specialist Tuition

If your child has any special needs or difficulties be it educational, medical or emotional, it does not mean that they have to get left behind when it comes to adequate tuition and learning.  Our team is able to provide specialist tuition for SEN and dyslexic pupils of all ages.

Why Choose Us

We have highly professional, qualified teachers
Tailored made learning plans for every child
Increase your child’s skills and boost confidence
Regular parent involvement to track progress

How It Works

Horizon Tuition Centres provide professional, individual tuition in English and Maths for students aged 6 (year one) to GCSE (year 11).
With a fully equipped centre situated in Bexleyheath, up to date resources and fully qualified teachers, the extra tuition provided for your child is of the highest quality.

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